I've been shooting wedding videos for over
ten years now. I must have shot hundreds
over that time, and each one is unique.

I always shoot documentary style, so I'm
capturing the moments that are happening
"off stage" as well as where all the action
is. I get to the location early - often
before the bride and groom - and when I can
I capture the arrival of everyone.

I shoot both bride and groom getting ready
(always a source of nice footage), the
ceremony itself (usually with a minimum of
two cameras) and then the reception, which
I usually stay at until the end, and the
departure of the newly married couple.

I shoot LOTS of footage. And perhaps this
is where my "unique selling point" is. I
edit and edit and edit the footage, using
cutaways, stills, recorded music and other
media to make sure that it's a highly
entertaining record of your big day. I use
wireless mics on the groom to get the best
audio, an audio recorder on the band or
musicians, and backup audio for the
ceremony itself, to make absolutely sure we
have not just a good visual record, but we
can actually hear what was going on.

The final result is a fully edited DVD with
full menu, three chapters, and another
thing that makes me unique - a YouTube clip
that's a condensed version of the whole
day, edited down to a song (often the first
dance song) that runs from two to five
minutes. Sometimes I'll spend the best part
of a day editing just the YouTube clip, so
you can bet it will be special.

My rates for wedding vary. Like most of my
projects, I like to get an idea of what
your budget is so I can present you with
options, plan just how creative I can be,
and how much time I can spend on the very
time consuming business of editing and
rendering video.

One thing's for sure, though, and that's
that you're unlikely to get a better deal,
or a more creative film maker, than me when
it comes to filming your wedding.

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