I'm a great talker. My grandmother would tell
me I could talk the hind leg off a donkey. Then
again, she had a way with words, herself.

But as a listener, and particularly as an
interviewer, I certainly shine.

I'm convinced that the art of interview can
never really be properly taught to someone. It
requires a peculiar knack of understanding not
just what the subject is talking about, but
having the right level of empathy in order to
facilitate the subject's easy expression.

Whether it's in a traditional interview or
documentary situation, or bringing the best out
of someone who's not particularly comfortable
in front of a camera or speaking publicly, I
have the skill set to make things happen in a
natural, unaffected way.

As a side note, I trained as a hypnotherapist,
and worked with clients during some of the most
emotionally charged occasions. I understand
people, make the feel comfortable, and enjoy
the whole process of "bringing them out" to be
quite a pleasure.
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