The power and importance of education videos
can't be overstated - especially now, in the
21st Century. There are many, many avenues
where educational videos can impact a
business or educational facility,
particularly online.

Having worked as an actor for several years
on "the other side of the camera", I learned
that educational videos are of immense value
for teaching not just children and young
people, but employees, potential clients, the
general public, and every and anyone who can
benefit from learning something. Having
worked on probably hundreds of educational
videos during my career, I really do
understand how they work, what's needed, and
how to bring the best out of anyone who's
presenting or performing for a camera.

Let's face it: video is replacing books in
many arenas. Even online books can easily
access video content through a hyperlink.
Whereas once upon a time we might see a note
beside a word or phrase, we can now click a
link and watch a detailed explanation.

I can work with any client not simply to
point a camera at them and press a button,
but to work with them on the content and
delivery of the piece right from scratch. I
know what works and what doesn't, and when
I'm involved in the production of such videos
from the onset, you can be assured my
contribution to the project will impact it in
ways which you'll be extremely thankful for.

I guarantee it.

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