I love documentary perhaps as much as anything
else when making film. The breadth and scope of
some documentaries throughout history have been
remarkable. And what's so surprising is that
there still seems to be endless subjects we can
make some kind of film about.

I started making documentaries when I was in
Austin, Texas, shooting on a cheap camera I
bought from a pawn shop, and went out filming
homeless people in and around the town. Just
myself and no crew, I'd meet people standing by
the road, and just talk to them about their
lives. My
blog, "Homeless in Texas" features
some of the people I met and interviewed over a
period of a couple of months.

Another documentary I'm editing now is from a
trip I took to Cuba, filming the classic
American cars, and interviewing drivers and
owners about the coming changes that will be
happening as the Obama administration
re-establishes ties with Cuba after 50 or so
years. The sizzler reel can be seen above.

Interviewing is something I've been doing for
years. As an actor, I've done lots of on camera
work, and have done a great number of
interviews in the course of running
FishMonkeyFilms. I like to think I have a "way"
with people, and this helps enormously with

And documentary, after all, is so often all
about people.

If you have a documentary project look no
further than FishMonkeyFilms for your New
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