The art of advertising is always changing. As
an actor in the UK, I was able to work with
some big names in film, just on ads alone. I
got to work on national ad campaigns for major
UK clients, European clients such as General
Motors; cigarette campaigns, and even massive
American ads such as the 1984 Apple Mac ad,
which ran during the 1984 Superbowl.

Rubbing shoulders with such giants, and seeing
the way they work, something does rub off, and
I'm inclined to think that those years spent in
the UK (I was with the major London Ad agency
for actors, Crawfords) I picked up some skills
just by watching and listening.

Ads can make or break your business. How well
your product or service is advertised can
affect your business revenue more than most
things. If you don't have decent, effective
advertising, your business will fail. And that
really is the hard truth. You need people to
know you exist, and you need those people to
remember you and your product or service. And
that, really, is the function of advertising.

Never, ever, underestimate the power and
potential of good advertising.

Yours may only be a small, local business, and
maybe you won't have the clout or resources to
hire a large advertising company, but I can
help you with the creative process, to make
sure that you're going to be shown in in the
best possible light with the budget you have to
play with. Never before has video advertising
been so available and effective for small
businesses. Never before could advertising be
targeted so precisely to a given demographic.
Check out my blog on the
Power of Video
Marketing to see how it can impact your own

It doesn't matter how large or how small you
are: the way advertising works is the same. You
need to be seen, and you need to be remembered.
And being remembered for your ad is being half
way there.

Talk to me today how I can help you with not
just your video ad, but how to look at your
whole advertising campaign - and maximize the
return on your budget like no other.

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